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How to Keep More Energy-saving Performance

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After the compresse, air is discharged from the compressor, it needs to be transported through the air tank and pipe to the use of the occasion. In the use of the scene, the gas tank and pipeline problems, if not resolved in time, will cause air compressor energy consumption increases, resulting in unnecessary waste.

The capacity of the tank is insufficient. As the capacity of the gas tank is small, the gas is also reduced, which will cause the air compressor to repeatedly load and unload, resulting in a lot of energy waste. Through the use of large capacity of the gas tank, you can solve the above problems.

Too many elbows in the pipe. Pipes in the elbow, will cause the flow of compressed air resistance increases, the formation of additional work points; In addition, the elbow will form a gas shock, local pressure increases, so that it continues to run in high pressure state, and easy to uninstall. To optimize the pipeline construction, try to avoid the use of elbow, reduce energy consumption.

Pipeline leaks. Air compressor system is a continuous operation of the whole, the various components and joints in the long run process, there may be leakage problems. The company's various gas points for testing, to find one of the lower efficiency (leakage), to replace, to achieve the greatest degree of energy saving.

Different types of gas. In a production line, there are different types of gas links: continuous gas, small-scale pulse gas, large-scale pulse gas, open gas. As the above-mentioned gas links often coexist on the same pipe, pulse gas equipment needs instantaneous large gas supply, they are bound to pull down the pipeline pressure, resulting in continuous gas links can not get enough pressure, resulting in air compressor function Consumption increased significantly. Therefore, the need for a reasonable configuration, in the right place to deploy gas tank, increase the local energy storage, improve the local pressure.

Air compressor energy-saving road promising, air compressor system is a complete system, air compressor, gas tank, pipe is part of it. In addition to the air compressor itself, gas cylinders and pipes can be energy-saving, which requires the majority of users in the use of more attention, timely resolution, reduce waste, to achieve energy。

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