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Factors Affected by the Oil Free Air Compressor

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Oil free air compressor is the main part of the gas source device. It is a device that converts the mechanical energy of the prime mover into gas pressure energy. It is a pressure generating device of compressed air. The factors affecting their use include:

1.Pressure of exhausting  The greater the exhaust pressure of the compressor, the more energy consumption. The sum of pressure, resistance loss of pipeline and pressure drop of matching equipment will be set as the lower limit of rated exhaust pressure of screw air compressor. Generally, the diameter of gas pipeline should be larger so as to reduce resistance loss and achieve our goal of reducing energy consumption in long-term operation. The greater the exhaust pressure of the compressor, the more energy consumption. So don't choose compressors with high exhaust pressure.

2.displacement Calculate the actual gas consumption and then multiple the coefficients 1.1-1.2. Take the result as a model for choosing exhaust volume. If the exhaust volume is too low to reach the specified value of the gas-using equipment or too large that causes the energy consumption of load reduction being too large and the operation of load reduction being uneconomical. At the same time, the purchase cost of large exhaust screw air compressor is higher.

3.Quality of compressed air

According to the requirement of compressor gas for industrial gas equipment, screw air compressor and supporting equipment should be selected appropriately. The following points need to be considered: 1.To reduce the oil content in compressed gas. Oil removal purifier can be used. If the treatment index is high, multi-stage treatment can be used. 2. Water removal equipment can be used to reduce the water content in compressed gas.

Oil free air compressor has compact structure, novel and beautiful style, stable performance, large gas production, stable machine operation, low noise, and low temperature. It can save energy of 0.2-1 kw/h compared with similar products. Therefore, as long as attention is paid to the factors affecting the use, it can give full play to its advantages and ensure that its work is accomplished with quality and quantity.

We should ensure the normal operation of each main component of oil free air compressor, so as to ensure the quality of products and meet the requirements of customers for quality, price and delivery time. We would like to welcome you if you want to know more about any requirements of oil free air compressor and products of oil free air compressor manufacturers, including technical consulting services. We will provide service for you wholeheartedly.
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