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Screw Air Compressor Purchase

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Screw air compressor in the choice of purchase time, the need to assess several aspects of the parameters in order to ensure that the choice of more suitable.

1, screw air compressor compressed air quality

According to the industry gas equipment on the compressor gas requirements, should be appropriate to choose screw air compressor and ancillary equipment. Need to consider the following:

1) to reduce the oil content of compressed gas, can be used degreasing purifier, such as processing indicators, the choice of multi-level treatment.

2) to reduce the water content of compressed gas can be used in addition to water equipment.

2. Exhaust pressure

The greater the exhaust pressure of the screw air compressor, the more energy consumption. Will use the pressure, pipe resistance loss and the pressure of the ancillary equipment and the sum of the optional screw air compressor rated discharge pressure of the lower limit, under normal circumstances, the transmission pipeline should be larger diameter , In order to reduce the loss of resistance, to achieve long-term operation to reduce energy consumption purposes. The greater the exhaust pressure of the compressor, the more energy consumption. So do not use too high exhaust pressure screw air compressor

3. Screw air compressor displacement

Calculate the actual amount of gas ╳ 1.1-1.2 coefficient, as the choice of displacement models, such as the selection is too low, not up to the provisions of the gas equipment, the choice is too large, resulting in reduced energy consumption, The run of the economy is not economical. At the same time to buy large displacement screw air compressor purchase costs higher.

Combined with the above screw air compressor in the purchase need to consider the factors, and then combined with the actual use of the company itself, the general can choose the appropriate screw air compressor.
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