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How to choose a reliable energy - saving screw air compressor

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1, gas consumption calculation

Accounting for the actual total gas consumption, the use of pressure; can be used gas equipment statistics, the original gas comparison method, with the industry more than a variety of comparative law. Special attention to the use of pressure must be accurate, air pressure for each rise of 1bar, power consumption increased by 7%. Selection of the general increase in the amount of 10-20% (actual dosage) to prevent leakage and temporary increase in gas points, the workshop pipe is too complex or too long to consider the pressure attenuation and other factors.

2, brand selection

1. The international first-line, second-tier brands relatively high visibility, the product is relatively mature, stable and reliable, but the purchase cost, maintenance costs relative rise, as we buy cars, the reason is very similar.
So if the budget is limited, may consider the domestic first-line, second-tier brands like Shanghai Rotorcomp most have a certain price.

3, some important points to choose screw compressor

(1) stability, reliability
(2)energy-saving compressor is the biggest cost of electricity costs, accounting for about 80% of the overall cost of use, such as the choice of a high efficiency, energy saving, environmentally friendly products, users can reduce a large cost, Is to make money.
(3) maintenance costs
As the compressor and the same as the car, the need for regular maintenance and maintenance, need to understand clearly, so as not to fall into the low price to buy high-priced maintenance trap.

The most important point: to consider the safety of the compressor operation. Compressor is a press working machine, working with temperature and pressure, the safety of its operation to be placed in the first place

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