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Main Components of Air compressor Ends

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The main components of small air compressor ends include:

1. Crankcase components. Both sides of the crankcase have side covers and oil windows for disassembly and inspection, the front part of the power coupling end is equipped with a bearing seat and front bearing cover. The fans in the upper part of the rear bearing cap is supported by a bracket.

2. The crankshaft, connecting rod part and the small end near the bearing are equipped with pulley, which drives the cooling fan to rotate.

3. Piston parts. The first piston is cast aluminum alloy and the second piston is cast iron. Both piston are equipped with piston rings, the upper part is flat ring, the middle is twisted ring, and the lower part is oil ring.
4. Cylinder components. The first, second, third and fourth cylinder heads are all cast with many cooling fins to increase heat dissipation area. The cylinder head is equipped with inlet and exhaust valve components, inlet and exhaust cylinders, inlet and exhaust pressure caps.

5. Intake and exhaust valve components. Primary and secondary intake valves and exhaust valves are ring-shaped valve structure, and the valve seat has a spring to support the ring-shaped valve disc. Valve discs and springs are processed from imported high-quality materials, and three and four stages are intake and exhaust valve combination of 45 steel.

6. Cooler and fan components. The upper part of cooler is equipped with a safety valve, and the lower part is equipped with a blowdown valve. The end toward the crankshaft is equipped with a guide hood and shield, and in the middle, there is a suction cooling fan. The fan bracket will be installed on the crankcase fan components, crankcase end of the crankshaft pulley drive fan to rotate through the triangular belt. 
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