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What Are The Advantages Of VSD Screw Air Compressor Frequency Control ?
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What Are The Advantages Of VSD Screw Air Compressor Frequency Control ?

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Screw air compressor frequency control has become the norm, variable frequency control technology has matured. Power frequency air compressor uses a standard 50Hz AC, power is fixed, the relative speed of the host can not be changed. After using the inverter control, you can achieve frequency conversion, the use of frequency control host speed. Its main function is as follows:
Energy Saving - Inverters Controlled Compressors Comparing with traditional control air compressors, energy conservation is the most important and the most important. It can adjust the operating status of air compressors according to the compressed air demand.

Stable air pressure - Frequency conversion screw air compressor utilizes the characteristic of stepless speed regulation of inverter, and can be gently started through the PID regulator inside the controller or inverter. The use of gas fluctuations in the larger occasions, but also quickly adjust the response.

Lower operating costs - Compressor operating costs by the three components: the initial purchase cost, energy costs and maintenance costs. The cost of energy and maintenance costs account for the main part of the total cost of air compressor. Through the reduction of energy costs, coupled with reduced impact on the equipment after inverter start-up, maintenance and repair volume also follows, so operation cost will be greatly reduced. oil free compressor for sale is available now.

Improve control accuracy and extend service life - Inverter control system with precise pressure control capability to match air pressure output of air compressor with air volume required by user air system. Under inverter control, the displacement of air compressor will change with the change of motor speed. As the inverter motor speed control accuracy, so it can make the network pressure changes in the system to maintain a stable range of changes, effectively improving the quality of the conditions.

Reduced air compressor noise - According to the actual working conditions of air compressor, through the transformation of frequency control, motor speed slowed down significantly, thus effectively reducing the noise of air compressor operation, to protect the work site Personnel health.
VSD Screw Air Compressor Frequency Control
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