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How To Install Air Screw Compressor System
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How To Install Air Screw Compressor System

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The extensive application of air screw compressor equipment not only reduces the labor cost, but also greatly improves the production efficiency of the enterprise. It is also important to choose the right screw air compressor, and the design and laying of the compressed air duct are equally important. Reasonable piping design and laying can reduce the loss of air compressor, reduce the cost of the user's expenditure and extend the service life of the equipment, so it is necessary to understand the installation of the pipeline.
A. Piping, the main pipe must be slightly inclined to facilitate the discharge of condensate in the pipeline. Pipeline should be equipped with sewage valve, and regular sewage.
B. Piping pressure should not exceed 5% of the compressor set pressure, so the best choice when piping larger diameter.
C. Piping should be shortened and straightened to minimize the use of elbows and various types of valves to reduce the pressure loss.
D. The piping must be removed from the top of the main line to prevent the condensate from flowing in the main line from flowing into the compressor unit.
E. The main pipe is not to be reduced or enlarged arbitrarily, and if it must be reduced or enlarged, it is necessary to cooperate with the tapered pipe, otherwise it is easy to think that the pressure increases, resulting in a large pressure loss; at the same time due to the impact of gas pressure, The life is greatly reduced.
F. To take into account the long distance caused by the pressure loss, that is, the problem of pressure drop. For the relatively large number of factories with gas, can be laid ring supply pipe, the main pipe diameter to the air screw compressor outlet pipe diameter of two to three times. The circular pipe can be installed in the middle of the pipe if necessary.

Air Screw Compressor System

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