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What Are The Types of Air Compressors?

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There are many air compressor types. Next, let's introduce 11 types of air compressor to you. According to the working principle, it can be divided into positive-displacement compressor and speed compressor. The working principle of the positive-displacement compressor is to compress the volume of gas and increase the density of gas molecule in unit volume to increase the pressure of compressed air. The working principle of the speed compressor is to increase the velocity of gas molecule, so that the kinetic energy of gas molecule can be converted into the pressure energy of gas, thereby increasing the pressure of compressed air.
Now commonly used air compressors are piston air compressor, screw air compressor, (screw air compressor is divided into double screw air compressor and single screw air compressor), centrifugal compressor and rotary vane compressor and scroll air compressor. Shanghai Xujia Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the sale of various air compressor types. You can contact with it if necessary.

The following are the definitions of various air compressor types.

1. Compressors such as cam-diaphragm and diffuser pumps are not included since they are relatively small because of their special use.
2. Reciprocating Compressor - it is positive-displacement compressor, whose compression element is a piston, undergoing reciprocating motion in the cylinder.
3. Rotary Compressor - it is positive-displacement compressor. Compression is achieved by forced movement of rotating elements.
4. Sliding vane compressor - it is a rotary variable displacement compressor. Its axial slider slides radially on the eccentric rotor of the same cylinder block. The air trapped between the slides is compressed and discharged.
5. The liquid-piston compressor is a rotary positive-displacement compressor in which water or other liquids are used as pistons to compress the gas, and then the gas is discharged.
6. Roots Double Rotor Compressor - it belongs to rotary positive-displacement compressor, in which two roots rotors mesh with each other to intercept the gas and send it from the intake to the exhaust. There’s no internal compression.
7. Screw Compressor - it is rotary positive-displacement compressor, in which two rotors with helical gears mesh with each other, thus compressing and discharging the gas.
8. Centrifugal compressor - a speed compressor in which one or more rotating impellers (usually on the side) accelerate the gas. The main flow is radial.
9. Axial compressor - speed compressor, in which the gas is accelerated by the rotor with blades. The main airflow is axial.
10. Hybrid flow compressor - also a speed compressor. Its rotor shape combines some characteristics of both centrifugal and axial flow compressors.
11. Jet Compressor - take advantage of high-speed gas or steam jet to remove the inhaled gas, and then the velocity of the mixed gas is converted into pressure in the diffuser.
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