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Maintenance of Oil Free Air Compressor

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First, the oil free air compressor occurred the situation of the intermittent work and insufficient gas supply. Reason 1: Voltage is insufficient and there is buzz when starting. 2. Start capacitor leakage, compressor head can still start even when capacitor leakage, but speed slows down while the current increases. Because of the high current, the machine head is heated fast, and soon the machine head will protect the machine from automatic shutdown. At this time, we can change new accessories, but it should be noted that the number of UF must be the same, and too large or too small can not be used.

Second, noise increases when oil free air compressor is running. When this phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to check whether the fittings are loose and the running current is normal. If normal, the engine head should be replaced. The environment of oil free air compressor should avoid the places where dust are serious. The power supply should be disconnected regularly and the dust on the surface and in the second head fan blade should be removed. Excessive noise is for the sake of wear and tear of four motor bearings and it has the damage to the leather bowl, so wo should replace parts of professional oil free air compressor.

Third, the pressure of the accumulator can be set to zero to start before the oil free air compressor runs. When the power is turned on, it can be seen that the speed of the engine head is slower, accompanied by buzz and the increase of the current. The reason is that the one-way valve is stuck by dirty dirt. One end of the valve is connected with the nose outlet pipe while the other end is connected with the storage cylinder. Its function is to inject gas into the cylinder but not get out. Its interior is a spring and film. If dirty stuck film, it will cause reverse leakage. The second start of the nose can not be started because of the high voltage. The back cover of the one-way valve should be opened and cleaned with a wrench.

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