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What should we Pay Attention to when Using Air Compressor

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1.Choosing a good quality, and suitable for equipment requirements will have much less trouble during the process of use.

1.1 When choosing, manufacturers should be required to provide as detailed technical parameters as possible. Those manufacturers with incomplete identification of parameters lack the detection of some technical items, so they should be cautious in choosing.

1.2 According to the requirement of the equipment, we should choose the model with a slightly larger flow rate, which can avoid the fatigue operation of the machine. Increase the service life of the machine and facilitate the oil free air compressors maintenance.

2. Pay attention to oil free air compressor maintenance

Correct use and oil free air compressor maintenance can prolong the service life of air compressor and avoid or reduce the occurrence of faults.

2.1. The mute oil free air compressor itself does not contain any oily substances. Do not add any lubricating oil or oily substances.

2.2. Strictly work according to the voltage, frequency and rated load on the air compressor, the effect will be better and safer.

2.3. Develop the habit of switching off the power supply in time when you are not using it after work. When moving air compressor or connecting to other equipment, power must be cut off.

2.4. Be sure to operate within the pressure range set at the time of discharge (the maximum pressure is usually set at 0.8 Mpa and the safe pressure relief is 0.85 Mpa), otherwise there will be the risk of explosion of the gas storage tank.

2.5. Attention should be paid to the coincidence of the power supply voltage with the nameplate of the air compressor. When the power supply voltage is higher than the applicable voltage of the air compressor, it may cause personal accidents and damage the air compressor. When the power supply voltage is lower than the applicable voltage of the air compressor, it will cause bad start-up and even damage the motor.

2.6. The filter should be cleaned in time according to the use situation, and the accessories and cables should be checked regularly, and the damages should be replaced immediately. The machine should be kept clean, dry and free from oil pollution, so as to give full play to its performance. When the air compressor is not in use, the air in the gas storage tank should be discharged, and the sewage in the gas storage tank should be discharged and stored in a dry environment.

2.7. Discharge the sewage in the gas storage tank in time. It is suggested that the sewage should be discharged at least once a week.

2.8. Correct operating environment: The normal operating environment of the air compressor is between 5℃ and 40℃. It should not be placed in an unshielded place and work in a damp and dark place. It should work strictly in a place where flammable and explosive liquid gases, dust and volatile gases are stored. Keep the environment tidy to avoid unnecessary accidents.

2.9. Please check and replace the intake filter regularly and appropriately. After 300 hours of general operation, do one check. The user will decide the frequency of check according to the use. Keeping filters and mufflers clean can avoid most of the faults, and unclean filters can reduce the performance of compressors and the service life of compressors.

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