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Screw Air Compressor Cleaning and Maintenance methods
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Screw Air Compressor Cleaning and Maintenance methods

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In practical applications, the air compressor operating environment is often more complex, dust, oil and various particulate matters. Air compressor used for a long time, there will be grease, carbon deposition, sediment, rust, etc., if used in different brands of lubricants air compressor, there will be similar asphalt black. So it is necessary to regularly clean, the nose, paint bucket, radiator, tubing, and all kinds of valves and so on cleaning some, to eliminate the security risks of the purpose.

1,The whole machine cleaning

General cleaning air compressor temperature will drop about 10 degrees.

2, cooler cleaning

In the country, air compressor cooler generally divided into two kinds of air-cooled and water-cooled, so for different coolers, there are different cleaning methods.

3, clean water vapor separator

Screw air compressor water vapor separator structure similar to oil and gas tank, air intake wall design, solid into a centrifugal force, due to the weight of water and gas factors, so you can effectively separate the water in compressed air.

4, intake valve cleaning

As the parts of the intake valve more, if not grasp the location of each part can be removed when a spare parts and then install the parts, but the parts do not install the valve body, until all the parts are washed together Assembled to the valve body. The relief valve is placed in the air compressor until the entire cleaning process is completed.

5, the minimum pressure valve (pressure maintenance valve) cleaning

In the screw air compressor, although the minimum pressure valve looks relatively small, but do not look at it small, it is the control of the whole machine.
6, oil return check valve

Cleaning back to the oil check valve: cleaning agent with a cleaning agent, spring, steel ball, steel block, part of the one-way valve inside the filter, if any with the cleaning.

7, screw air compressor cleaning temperature control valve

8, correct all parameters

Screw Air Compressor Correction Method: Set this parameter in the microcomputer controller.


Proper maintenance and maintenance of the screw air compressor service life and operational reliability plays a vital role, and air compressor cleaning is after-sales maintenance personnel, and even equipment operators must master a skill.

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