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Three Transmission Modes of Screw Air Compressor. Come and Know about It!
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Three Transmission Modes of Screw Air Compressor. Come and Know about It!

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Today, I am going to interpret three transmission modes of the screw air compressor. These three transmission modes are different.

1.Driving belt Engineers should always check the wear and tightness of transmission belt. If the tightness is not adjusted properly, it will aggravate the wear or fracture. While checking the tightness of the belt, you can use you thumb to press the middle part of the two pulleys with 40N force. Generally, it is appropriate if it sinks 10-15 mm. When checking the wear of belt, besides checking the wear and aging of working face, it is also necessary to note that the outer plane of V-belt should be higher than 1-2 mm of the pulley edge. Otherwise, it means that the belt has reached the wear limit and must be replaced. When replacing, it is necessary to select the belt with good quality and the same model to replace in groups. Otherwise, the belt will be damaged because of uneven force when transmitting power.

2.Gear drive The transmission mode is that the cylinder block of the screw air compressor is connected with the cylinder block or gear box of the engine, which is directly driven by the gears of the engine. If the air compressor breaks down and needs to be dismantled and repaired, it is necessary to check the gear wear and meshing clearance, and check the gear tightening status, find problems and take actions of tightening, adjustment or replacement timely.

3.Coupling drive The screw air compressor driven by coupling can output power at the rear of the fuel injection pump or connect with the timing gear box of the engine. When checking, it can be checked whether the connecting disc is reliable in the static state and whether it is obviously loose when it is moved by hand. When running at low, medium and high speed, there should be no abnormal noise in the coupling and bearing parts.
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