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Working Principle of Silent Air Compressor

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The basic structure of silent air compressor: In the compressor body, a pair of intermeshing helical rotors are arranged in parallel. Usually, the thicker teeth are called the positive rotor or screw, and the thinner teeth are called the negative rotor or screw. Generally, the positive rotor is connected with the prime mover, and the positive rotor drives the negative rotor to rotate. The ball bearing on the exhaust end of the rotor enables the rotor to realize the axial positioning and bears the axial force in the compressor. At both ends of the compressor body, holes of a certain shape and size are respectively provided. One is for suction, called suction orifice; the other is for exhaust, called exhaust orifice. (Generally, air is intake from the top and exhaust from the bottom).

The working cycle of silent air compressor can be divided into three processes: suction, compression and exhaust. As the rotor rotates, each pair of meshing teeth completes the same working cycle one after another. The volume of gas sealed in the volume between the teeth decreases with the movement of the teeth, which leads to the increase of pressure, thus realizing the gas compression process. When the volume between the teeth is connected with the exhaust orifice, the exhaust process begins.

The working principle of the single screw silent air compressor is the interaction of two star wheels, because their configuration is symmetrical, so the space is divided into two parts, and each of them compresses the gas separately. Symmetrical balance force is the biggest characteristic of the single screw compressor. Now the manufacturer has to solve the problem that the star wheel will wear too much at high speed and high temperature between the plastic star wheel and the screw. Only in this way can we ensure that gas production will not decline too fast.
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