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The Advantages of Diesel Powered Air Compressor
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The Advantages of Diesel Powered Air Compressor

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Diesel powered air compressor has high reliability: It has few compressor parts and no vulnerable parts, so it runs reliably and has a long service life; the overhaul interval can reach 40-80,000 hours.

Convenient operation and maintenance: it has high degree of automation, so the operators do not need to undergo long-term professional training, which can achieve unattended operation.

Good dynamic balance: it has no unbalanced inertial force, it can run smoothly at high speed and realize no foundation operation. It is especially suitable for mobile compressor with small volume, light weight and less occupation of space.

Strong adaptability: with the characteristics of forced gas transmission, the volume flow is hardly affected by exhaust pressure, which can maintain high efficiency in a wide range of speed .

The main engine of diesel powered air compressor is efficient, reliable, energy-saving, and easy to operate. The compressor parts are few, and there are no vulnerable parts; running state is clear at a glance. With famous brand power and the lowest fuel consumption rate, it is suitable for the harshest field environment, and the use of sound shield and rain shield can protect the safety of equipment; The main engine of the press adopts a large diameter screw rotor, and the main engine and the diesel engine are directly connected through a high elastic coupling. There is no speed increase gear in the middle, so the reliability is better. At the same time, it adopts the excellent technology of low noise and low vibration, and uses multiple automatic alarm and stop protection devices, which makes the maintenance more convenient and faster.
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