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Reasons for Abnormal Noise of Screw Air Compressor Ends? (Solution)

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Screw air compressor ends host abnormal noise and the engines whined. I believe many users often encounter with such situation. Then how can we solve it? Next, the solution of abnormal noise and whine of air compressor ends will be introduced in detail.

Failures: The air compressor ends are vibrating and noisy, and sometimes metal collides, impacts, and has a uniform sound of knock, friction whistle and so on during operation.

Cause analysis of abnormal noise of air compressor ends:

(1).Loose belt and excessive matching of active and passive belt grooves result in skidding and whistling (Belt-driving type)
(2).When the screw air compressor is running, the oil supply is not timely, which causes the Yin and Yang screw to engage directly without lubricating oil, and the metal dry friction produces a scream.
(3).The anchor bolts of the foot or the imported filter are loose.
(4).The loosening of fastening gear nuts results in excessive tooth clearance and therefore makes impact sound.
(5).Intake valve closure is not strict and large air leakage occurs, the intake valve reverse vibration.
(6).Things drop into the main engine, causing the clamping point collision of Yin and Yang screw to produce a scream.
(7).The clearance between the Yin and Yang screw and the end face of the bearing is too large.
(8).Main engine bearing damages.

Solution to abnormal noise of air compressor ends:

(1).Change belt and adjust belt tightness;
(2).Check oil level, replace Atlas oil filter, and refuel the main engine of the air compressor, and at least let the oil bubble reaches 3/4 of the rotor.
(3).Check and tighten the bolts and correct the air compressor.
(4).Detecting vibration and confirming the repair of the looseness of fastening of gear nut.
(5).Adjusting the position of intake butterfly plate.
(6)、(7)、(8)Solution: Mainframe overhaul
This is all about the abnormal noise of the air compressor ends. If you need the overhaul of the main engine or purchase of the spare parts of the air compressor, please contact us.
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