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How to Clean the Handpiece of Air Compressor Ends

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If the air compressor is used for a long time, there will be grease scale, carbon deposit, sediment and rust inside. In addition, for those oil compressors of different brands, there will be black rubber similar to asphalt. Therefore, it is necessary to use cleaning agent regularly to clean the handpiece, paint barrel, radiator and inside of tubing thoroughly, so as to eliminate potential safety hazards.

As to how to clean the handpiece of the air compressor ends, first I will introduce the function of cleaning the handpiece of the air compressor ends and the method of cleaning the handpiece of the air compressor ends, and then I will summarize the solution of high temperature of the air compressor handpiece.

Methods of cleaning the handpiece of air compressor ends
1. First, run the air compressor for a few minutes until the oil reaches normal temperature. 
2. Close the air compressor. Wait until the internal pressure has drained out and open the oil cap, pour in the cleaning agent, tighten the oil cap; 
3. Turn on the air compressor and run for 30 minutes; remove the old oil and add the new oil. 
4. The temperature of air compressor after cleaning decreases by at least 10 degrees.

Solution of High Temperature of Air Compressor Handpiece
1.Check oil level See if the air pressure at the time of loading oil level is more than 3.2. You must check it at the time of loading. The oil level will be inaccurate at the time of loading if you check it at the state of shutdown. Because there is no oil in the pipeline and the oil all flow back into the barrel, so you can see a lot of oil in the barrel. (less oil in the air compressor)
2.Check air filter of air compressor See if the air filter is blocked. If there is a lot of ash, blow it out with an air gun. Blow clean. (Air filter blockage)
3.If the wind is cool, blow the fan heater with an air gun. The blockage of fan heater will result in the consequence that the oil passes through the fan heater without waiting for cooling, and the temperature of oil will be high, so will the temperature of air compressor. (The cooler is blocked).
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