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Main Engine Malfunction of Air Compressor

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With the use of air compressor equipment for a certain period of time, all kinds of small internal problems began to rise to the surface. Timely main-engine overhaul and systematic solution of internal security risks will effectively reduce maintenance costs and ensure good operation of the air compressor.

When the running time of the main engine exceeds the overhaul period, the bearing wear and the clearance between the main engine and the main engine will reach the limit allowed by the technical conditions of the main engine. At this point, the main engine is in an extremely unsafe state of operation, and the following serious consequences may occur at any time. The operation load of the main engine increases, causing damage to the main motor and electrical system, and the displacement of the air compressor will drastically reduce. The most serious consequence is the sudden "locking" of the host computer.

The "locked" engine shall be disassembled for inspection. And the host performance and repair cost after comprehensive repair shall be judged to see whether it has repair value. There are other solutions for those main engines which are still capable of running. First, according to the unit operation time, if the accumulative operation time of air compressor unit has reached 20000 hours , or the air compressor unit has been put into the operation for 4 years, the main engine shall be overhauled. Second, according to the analysis and the dectetion of the actual operation of the unit, by testing and analyzing the operating parameters of the unit, such as noise, operating current, operating temperature, exhaust volume and vibration of the main engine, it is determined whether the main engine overhaul is needed.
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