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Reasons of Overload of Air Compressor Ends or Electric Machinery

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Screw air compressor is prone to overload and shutdown when it is running. I believe that users who use screw air compressor have experienced overload of air compressor ends or electric machinery. The main reasons for the overload of the air compressor ends or electric machinery are summarized below.

1.Loose connection Check whether the power line of input screw air compressor has traces of heating and scorching. Mainly check the three-phase electric feeder and motor feeder. If there is loosening or short circuit, it would be better to give the re-connection.
2.Voltage is too low The rated working voltage of general screw air compressor is 380V, and the upper and lower allowable fluctuation is about 5%. The voltage mentioned here refers to the normal operation voltage of the machine, because in many construction sites (the factory voltage supply is relatively stable so generally it does not have this situation), the transformer is relatively small. The voltage is 400 V when the equipment is not open, but when the equipment is turned on, the voltage drops to 350 V. When it operates normally, the voltage is only 360V. There’s no big problem for short-term use. For long-term use, it is bound to damage a lot to electrical systems.
3.Blockage of Oil Separator in Screw Air Compressor The oil core is blocked. The internal pressure is high. The load is large. The current is high. So it will overload. A misunderstanding: Don't think that it will not block if you have changed it recently. The environment is dirty and the impurities in the oil and gas barrel can easily block the oil. Don't think that the environment is be separated if the new oil you changes separated. But if it is blocked after the running time of 200 hours, the quality of the oil has a lot to do with it.
4.Pressure of screw compressor unit exceeds its rated pressure For example, when the actual pressure of a 0.7 MPa machine reaches 0.75 MPa, overload will easily take place. Air compressor for 7 kg should not be adjusted to 8 kg. Firstly, safety can not be guaranteed. Secondly, the pressure resistance of the equipment is insufficient and the service life is shortened. How much pressure we need, we should buy air compressors that can reach the pressure. Don't think we should pursue the price. Instead, we should pursue the cost-effective ratio.
5.The breakdown of the Contactor of screw air compressor  Contacts of contactors are aging, in poor suction and the contact surface becomes small, so the current is large. The overload of air compressor ends or motors is a trivial matter, the burning of electrical system is the worst thing we don't want it to happen.
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