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Refrigerated Air Dryer Working

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Compressed air treatment equipment, also known as air compressor post-processing equipment, generally includes aftercoolers, oil-water separators, air tanks, air dryers, and filters; its main role is to remove water, oil, and Solid impurities such as dust.

Check the Refrigerated Air Dryer Working as follows:

After-cooler: Cools compressed air to cool the purified water. This can be achieved using either a dryer or a dry filter unit.

The oil-water separator is used to separate and discharge cooling-cooled water droplets, oil droplets, impurities, etc.; the coalescence principle separates oil and water, and the oil floats to the upper layer and is collected by the oil collector and discharged.

Air storage tank: The role is to use air buffer, stabilize the pressure and remove most of the liquid water.

Air Dryer: The main function is to dry the compressed air moisture.

The degree of dryness is represented by the dew point, and the lower the dew point, the better the drying effect.

In general, air dryer types can be classified into a refrigerated dryer and an adsorption dryer. The pressure dew point of the refrigeration dryer is above 2°C, and the pressure dew point of the adsorption dryer is between -20°C and -70°C.
Customers can choose different types of dryers according to their own requirements for compressed air quality. It is the most important equipment in the entire compressed air purification equipment.

Filter: The main role is to remove water and remove impurities.

The water mentioned here refers to liquid water. The filter only removes liquid water and cannot remove vaporous water. The filtration efficiency of the filter is determined with accuracy. The general accuracy is 3u, 1u, 0.1u, 0.01u.
At the time of installation, it is recommended to arrange in descending order of filtering accuracy.

Compressed air purification equipment needs to be selected according to operating conditions, and some equipment may not even be installed. These aspects must be actively referenced to manufacturers' opinions and should not be blindly selected.

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