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100 Cfm Portable Air Compressor

Use steps:

1. Unpacking inspection:
After opening the box, the user should check whether the machine is damaged or not, and the packing list is complete.

2. Installation of the attachment:
(1) the muffler is screwed into the hole of the cylinder head.
(2) put the foot wheel of the split casters through the hollow end of the foot wheel, and then pass the wheel shaft into the holder hole of the gas tank and tighten it with the nut.
(3) installation of breathing apparatus: unplug the white oil plug for transport first (use only during transportation, and it is forbidden to remove the oil plug and start the air compressor). Then screw the respirator in the attachment bag into the mounting hole.

3. The ambient temperature should be 0-35℃.

4. The connection:
(1) the position of the air compressor should not be too far away from the power supply, so as to reduce the use voltage of the motor.
(2) wiring: the selection of the power line must comply with the rules of the table below, and the grounding end of the motor should be reliably grounded.

5. operation and adjustment
(1) check the position of the oil level in the middle of the oil mark before opening the machine. When the oil level is lower than the lower limit, the respirator is screwed down for refueling. Open the exhaust valve, connect the power supply, and pull the button on the top of the pressure switch. Let air compressor vacate for 5-10 minutes, so that the moving parts are lubricated, and then put into normal use.
(2) the air compressor is controlled by the automatic pressure switch when the air compressor is working normally. When the pressure reaches the maximum, it will stop automatically. When the pressure drops 0.2-0.25 MPa, it automatically starts. The working pressure of the pressure switch has been adjusted in the factory, and it can not be changed at random. The size of the pressure is displayed by the pressure gauge.
(3) when manual control is needed, press the button at the top of the pressure switch to stop, and pull up or start.
(4) the regulating users of the pressure control system can be adjusted within the range of 0.6-0.8MPa according to the requirements, but they are not allowed to exceed the rated working pressure. The operation methods are as follows: unscrewing the screw of the pressure switch shell part with a screwdriver, take off the case, rotate the six angle bolt with the spanner, and increase pressure in the + direction, and the - direction is to reduce the pressure.
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  • FAX:+86-021-67150020
  • ADDRESS:No.28 Minta Road, Songjiang District Shanghai, China