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210 cfm Air Compressor

Safe operation procedure for portable air compressor:

1. When use internal combustion engine and motor of the air compressor, please follow the relevant rules about the internal combustion engine and motor.

2. Please keep the air compressor operation area clean and dry. Please put the air tank in a well-ventilated place. Please do not proceed welding or hot-processing work within 15m from the air tank.

3. Please fix the inlet pipe and exhaust pipe if the pipes are much longer. Please do not bend the pipes sharply. For the longer pipelines, please set expansion deformation device.

4. As for the air tank and gas ducts, please conduct water pressure test every three years. The test pressure shall be 150% of the rated pressure.

5. Please keep the gas hose clear and straight. Before starting air supply valve, please connect well the gas ducts and inform the relevant personnel on the site. Anyone should not work or stand in front of the outlet.

6. During the operation, the pressure inside air tank shall not exceed the rated pressure marked in nameplate. Please keep the safety valve sensitive and effective. Please make sure no abnormal sound or overheating about the inlet valve, exhaust valve, bearing and all parts.

7. Please discharge the oil and water once from liquid & gas separator, intermediate cooler and rear cooler for every 2 hours work. Please discharge oil and water from the air tank 1~2 times per shift.

8. Please make sure stop machine and inspect immediately if there is one of the following situations. After finding out the reason and troubleshooting, please continue the operation.

A. Water leakage, air leakage, current leakage or cooling water suddenly stopped;
B. The values in the pressure gauge, thermometer and ammeter exceeds the specified values;
C. The exhaust pressure suddenly rises, the exhaust valve and the safety valve fail;
D. There is abnormal mechanical sound. There is strong spark from the motor brush.

9. In operation, when cylinder overheats and stops because of water lacking, please wait until cylinder natural cooling below 60 ℃, then fill water.

10. When the electric air compressor is running but suddenly without power, please cut off the power supply immediately, and then restart without load when the power supply resumes.

11. When stop the machine, please remove the load, separate the main clutch, then stop the internal combustion engine or motor.

12. After the shutdown, please close cooling water valve, open air bleed valve, release the oil, water and air from every cooler and air tank.

13. During the construction in the wet area and tunnel, please lubricate regularly the air compressor friction surface. Please prevent electric motor and electrical equipment from moisture.
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  • TEL:+86-021-67150020
  • FAX:+86-021-67150020
  • ADDRESS:No.28 Minta Road, Songjiang District Shanghai, China