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250 Cfm Air Compressor

Starting sequence of diesel air compressor:

1. Open the electric key and turn the key. After the electronic pump is started for 15 seconds, turn the key and start the diesel engine. If it is not possible to start up after 5 seconds (not more than 15 seconds in the continuous operation of the starter), if it is still unable to start for more than four consecutive times, the cause of failure should be checked and found.
2. After starting the diesel engine, pay close attention to the reading of the instruments on the instrument panel. Check all parts of diesel engine without exception, and start to rule out.
3. When starting the engine with starting liquid in winter, it should be good for anti-virus and fire prevention measures, and keep away from open fire.

Driving attention matters:

1. The diesel engine only allows full load operation after fully preheating, when the supply valve is opened.
2. The increase of load and speed should be increased gradually and evenly, so as to avoid increasing load or unloading load.
3. The engine is strictly forbidden to add the coolant at high temperature, and the cooling liquid should be added after the machine stops cooling.
4. In operation, the air pump should check whether the pressure gauge reading is normal, pay attention to the stability of the machine, and find abnormal vibration or noise, and stop immediately for inspection.
5. The machine shall not be knocked and repaired during operation.

Emergency parking method:
Close the start switch immediately.

Daily maintenance after shutdown:

1. Air filter of air compressor should be cleaned regularly and kept open to reduce unnecessary power loss.
2. Clean the running parts and tighten the maintenance work.
3. Regularly clean or replace the diesel filter element and oil filter cartridge.
4. Regularly clean the compressor.
5. When cleaning the machine with diesel oil or gasoline, no smoking should be allowed. There must be no fire in the vicinity. The used oil, rags and cotton yarn should be properly handled.
6. It is forbidden to clean the parts of other compressed air pipes with gasoline or kerosene for cleaning air compressor, in case of fire and explosion. Do not use combustion method to remove oil stains.
7. Record the operation and maintenance of the equipment.
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  • TEL:+86-021-67150020
  • FAX:+86-021-67150020
  • ADDRESS:No.28 Minta Road, Songjiang District Shanghai, China